Life After Death by Sister Souljah Book Review


If you read The Coldest Winter Ever and loved it, chances are you won’t love this sequel. All the reasons I loved the original story are absent from this story. Winter made so many mistakes before, but I couldn’t fault her because she was a product of her upbringing and she was young. I loved her character. She was so strong-willed.

However, in Life After Death, I couldn’t connect with any decision she made. It was beyond my understanding. She was not the powerful woman I knew her to be. She was weak. Instead of going around on adventures try to  find a footing, she was being whipped around without any agency in her situation.

In the Coldest Winter Ever, Winter’s story was so real. In Life After Death, as the title suggests, the story takes place in the afterlife. That was a little too out there for me. I was immediately like wait, what?!

Based on what I’ve read online, this was Sister Souljah’s attempt at breaking down stereotypes about Islamic people being terrorists and at showing how peaceful they truly are. I could get behind this message, but whatever her intention was, this book was not the best approach for it. Her message was very unclear. The story was confusing and unstructured and the details were repulsive.

I’m just so confused why anyone would choose this avenue of vulgarity to prove anything and why anyone would agree to publish it.

This book had so much unnecessary vulgarity. I don’t know why I put my poor mind through that.

I’ve never felt so strongly about my dislike towards a book.

TW: drugs, rape, beastiality, pro-life, anti-semitism, devil-worship (probably a lot more that I’m trying to erase from my memory).