Are We There Yet by Kathleen West Book Review

Are We There Yet by Kathleen West


This is a story about a group of moms dealing with their young adult children as they make the inevitable poor decisions it takes to become sensible adults.

I liked that this book made me question different parenting styles and I came out of it feeling like nobody should be judging anyone’s child because no child is perfect; all of them make poor, embarrassing life decisions that are necessary for enlightenment. Also, nobody knows their children as well as they might think.

Nevertheless, I found the plot line was flat and wasn’t eager to read further at any point. I was turned off by the fact that the moms had male partners who were mostly absent from parenting. It wasn’t realistic to me, this day in age, especially given the extent of issues the mothers were struggling to cope with. I found it difficult to relate to even as a mother myself.

This story had so much potential. At one point, a child is pulled out of their school to avoid confronting the challenges they face among their peers. Escaping problems does not make for a moving story. I think it would’ve been more entertaining and meaningful to see the young characters learn about accountability and repercussions. I was also turned off by the catastrophic impact of the students’ actions on the relationships of the adults. I felt the parents should’ve set a better example for the kids.

Look out for this one on March 16, 2021.