The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren


During these uncertain times where it feels like a total apocalypse is taking place, I appreciated the positive vibes that Christina Lauren (by the way, that’s two authors’ names amalgamated to make one. I had no idea!) so skillfully generates.

However, I would like to add that, recently having read the Unhoneymooners, my expectations were high, and this book just wasn’t as good. The main reason I felt this way was that the humor I enjoyed in the Unhoneymooners was completely missing from the Honey Don’t List. The male protagonist, James, didn’t do it for me. I was waiting for him to win me over with his corny jokes and lighten up Carey’s serious, constantly focused attitude, but it never happened.

It was a good story overall, with what seems like the usual Christina Lauren theme of finding love in an expected place, but I definitely wasn’t cheering for them to be together. I still think it’s an enjoyable read for fans of these writers. If you’ve been reading along so far, you don’t want to skip this one. It comes out March 24th, 2020. Thanks to @netgalley and @simonandschushter for my advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.


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